Returnee Interns

For the past four years, interns who have come from countries that are hostile to the gospel have returned home as new believers. It is very difficult for them to find community as the persecution continues to grow in these countries. For those who do get connected, they struggle with the church often being predominantly older people and so they struggle to identify and build deep connections.

Please pray for:

  • Further ongoing discipleship for these new believers.

  • For those who have attended Bible studies but hadn’t made a decision to follow Christ before leaving, please pray that God will open doors for them to get connected with believers who can continue to evangelize them and for their salvation.

  • Pray that those who have headed back would not conform back to the culture’s expectations and pressures to focus on material resources and other cultural trends above their faith. Pray against distractions that will hinder their growth in their faith.

Current Students


  • That Agape Source staff and volunteers can build a connection with new interns and that we would have conversations that can lead into further discussions about the Bible and Christianity.

  • For the Holy Spirit to continue to lead us to students who are hungry for the gospel and that we will be able to engage them in Bible studies that explain the gospel strategically.

  • For the students’ work and roommate conditions, that God will use all of those environments to cause them to be curious about Christ,

  • For the students to be evangelized and discipled well here in the US in such a way that they can take the gospel back to their family, friends and spheres of influence.


Pray for:

  • Our staff to continue to minister from a healthy place emotionally, spiritually and physically.

  • For continued provision as we host events, using hospitality as our main tool of reaching out to the students.

  • For God to use the team of staff and volunteers to be a consistent light in the lives of these interns and that we would be used in instrumentally helping them to know Christ deeply.

  • For unity amongst the team as we serve together for the sake of Christ.