"True KINDNESS lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return."

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Locally and globally, Agape Source provides Friendship, Care and Love. We aim to give every International CP the warmest welcome, to help them adjust to life in America, to meet their immediate needs, and to provide a “home away from home” experience.


Agape Source seeks to foster an environment where different cultures can come together to learn about each other. We love sharing and explaining aspects of American culture with curious students. Likewise, we want to learn from visiting students' own lives, cultures, and perspectives – wherever they are from. In brief, we care deeply about the kind of exchanges found in friendship.


We mentor international students through empowering personal growth, helping them pursue dreams and passions, offering ethical and moral perspective, insights into Christian perspectives and even just providing a safe place for them to process through their cultural transition in the US.
Airport pickups and drop-off
Practice English
Make new friends
Weekly gatherings
Holiday Parties
Zhong qiu jie | Chun jie | Yuandan | Thanksgiving | Christmas | And so many more
Trips to the Asian Market and other ethnic stores