We are Agape Source.

“True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return.”

United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong


We seek to create a home away from home experience for Internationals, helping them adjust to life in the US.



We seek to provide a reciprocal learning environment as we demonstrate and explain the gospel.



We seek to offer insights into Christian perspective, encourage and visit internationals when they return home.

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Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the amazing opportunity to serve International Interns at Orlando Theme Parks.

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“How blessed are we to having a caring family like yours! ... It is such an honor to be served by you, I thank God for your friendship... May we continue this friendship beyond this program!”

—Patience from South Africa


Help us continue to be a resource of hope and love to the International employees at Orlando Theme Parks. Your donations will be used to transform lives and provide us with the tools we need to be as effective as we can. No donation is too small, we greatly appreciate your gift and pray that it will be multiplied many times over.

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Tell your friends and family about us. There’s no better way to make an impact than to become an active volunteer yourself. Join now and make an impact!

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Note: Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Agape Source has complete discretion and control over the use of all funds. No goods or services are provided to you in return for your contributions and/or consisted entirely of intangible religious benefits.

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